Finance Department, Bureau of Internal Revenue Distribute $15 Million in Income Tax Refunds

U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS – The Virgin Islands Department of Finance and the Bureau of Internal Revenue sent out more than 6,000 income tax refunds to residents this week totaling more than $15 million as the Bryan-Roach Administration stands by its commitment to the people of the Virgin Islands.

The latest disbursement is a continuation of refunds from the 2018 tax year and part of Governor Albert Bryan Jr.’s pledge to stabilize and restore trust in the Government of the Virgin Islands.

To date, the Bryan-Roach Administration has issued approximately $128.6 million of income tax refunds since Governor Albert Bryan Jr. took office in January 2019:

  • $29.2 for the Fiscal Year 2019 months the Bryan-Roach Administration was in office
  • $68.7 million for FY 2020
  • $30.7 million so far in FY 2021

“It is critical that the government pay the debts it owes to residents, and this Administration remains focused on that obligation even as we continue to maintain our economy from the financial ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic,” Governor Bryan said. “We will continue to honor that obligation until we are able to bring the GVI current on what it owes the people.”

The Bryan-Roach Administration is committed to transparency, stabilizing the economy, restoring trust in the government and ensuring the disaster recovery is completed as quickly as possible.

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