Government House Invites Applicants for Cannabis Expungement Initiative 

U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS— In alignment with Act No. 8679, Governor Albert Bryan Jr. of the U.S. Virgin Islands is urging individuals convicted of possessing two ounces or less of Cannabis to come forward for potential expungement.  

This initiative reflects the Governor’s commitment to justice and fairness in applying the law, especially in light of recent changes that have made the expungement process more complex than initially intended.   

Act No. 8679 mandates the automatic expungement of certain marijuana-related crimes or offenses involving not more than two ounces of marijuana. However, to ensure full compliance and address any potential gaps in data received from the Judicial Branch of the Virgin Islands, Governor Bryan requests individuals impacted by this law to proactively contact Government House. 

Governor Bryan’s Special Advisor, Positive Nelson, is leading an auto expungement task force as required by the Act. This task force, consists of representatives from the office of the Virgin Islands Attorney General, the Office of the Territorial Public Defender, Legal Services of the Virgin Islands, the Virgin Islands Bar Association, and the Virgin Islands Justice Institute, is instrumental in overseeing the expungement process. 

This initiative aligns with the intent of Act No. 8679 and represents a significant step toward rectifying past inequities in the criminal justice system. The Governor’s Office encourages all eligible individuals to come forward and take advantage of this opportunity for a fresh start. 

For more information or to request expungement for cannabis related infractions only, please contact Positive Nelson at