Governor Bryan Acts on and Approves Bill to Create Chronic Kidney Disease Registry

U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS – Governor Albert Bryan Jr. acted on and approved Bill No. 35-0207 in its entirety, creating the Territorial Chronic Kidney Disease, Stroke and Diabetes Registry. Bill No. 35-0207 was passed by the 35th Legislature at its session on March 25, 2024.

“Recognizing that ourTerritory has an increasing number of persons living with chronic diseases, I am supportive of any measure serving to identify those residents and link them to care,” Governor Bryan said. “The Disease registry created by Bill No. 35-0207 to track these three high prevalence conditions, is the first step to assist with this process. Early detection and treatment offered to persons moving through the continuum of disease not only extends lives, but also ensures a better quality of life.”

Governor Bryan approved Act No. 8437, which provides an appropriation to the Virgin Islands Olympic Committee. He also approved Section 4, to correct an oversight in Act 8738, to honor the teams and their coaches, and Section 5, to correct the intended recipients of miscellaneous funding from benefiting one private organization to benefiting all USVI boxers.

Governor Bryan also approved Section 6, adding part-time students as the beneficiary of a free college education if they qualify.

Additionally, Governor Bryan acted to remove a reversion clause from a property transfer that would enable the Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority to revert as owner of a plot of land if the Virgin Islands Police Department fails to construct a police station within fiver year after the transfer.

And finally, Governor Bryan approved Section 7, an amendment to clarify Act 8681, as requested by the Election System of the Virgin Islands.

Governor Bryan thanked the members of the 35th Legislature for their work on behalf of the people of the Territory.

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