Governor Bryan Highlights Successful Trip to Barbados and Innovative Housing Solutions

U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS— Governor Albert Bryan Jr. recently visited Barbados to investigate innovative housing solutions for the US Virgin Islands, which is facing a severe housing shortage. During his visit, Governor Bryan toured various housing developments with developer Mark Maloney, who has extensive experience in concrete and commercial ventures. The tour showcased several promising housing projects, including a 40-room condominium, a 1,500-house low-income affordable housing development, and a 500-house medium-income development.

The use of precast concrete in constructing these housing developments was a notable aspect of the visit. Precast concrete is a highly efficient and effective construction method that can erect the structure of a house in just one day and complete the entire construction process, including furnishing, within 60 days. This offers a promising solution to expedite housing construction and provide quick housing options for residents.

Governor Bryan expressed interest in exploring precast concrete construction as a viable method for affordable housing proposals across all three islands. The Virgin Islands Housing Finance Authority is set to release a bid to solicit affordable housing proposals, with subsidy funding available for public housing and affordable housing options. Governor Bryan emphasized the importance of maximizing these opportunities to meet the community’s housing needs.

“We are committed to ensuring that all residents have access to safe, affordable housing options,” said Governor Bryan. “Exploring innovative construction methods like precast concrete will enable us to expedite the delivery of much-needed housing and improve the quality of life for our residents.”

Following the visit, Governor Bryan and local stakeholders are scheduled to have follow-up meetings with developers to further explore the implementation of precast concrete housing solutions in the Virgin Islands. The aim is to move swiftly to address the housing shortage and provide tangible benefits to residents across the territory.

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