Governor Bryan Submits Legislation To Fund Completion of Paul E. Joseph Stadium

U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS—Governor Albert Bryan Jr. has submitted legislation to the 33rd Legislature to allocate $8.2 million from the Internal Revenue Matching Fund to be used for the completion of the long-awaited Paul E. Joseph Stadium renovation in Frederiksted.
In his transmittal letter to Senate President Novelle Francis Jr., Governor Bryan asks the legislative body to act expeditiously to approve the allocation so the money can be used to finish the reconstruction according to already completed design plans.
“As the Legislature is aware, the Government over successive Legislatures and Governors has been committed to the reconstruction of the Stadium and related facilities to enhance the economy of the Territory,” Governor Bryan wrote in his transmittal letter to Sen. Francis.
“In my State of the Territory Address, I referenced the need and intent to enhance sports tourism as a dynamic new element of our economy. The Stadium plays a major part in that offering.”
“The Stadium not only will be able to accommodate baseball but Little League, other field sports and provide a permanent location of the Crucian Festival Village,” he wrote.
During his State of the Territory Address on January 13, Governor Bryan underscored the need for the Territory to finally see the completion of the Paul E. Joseph Stadium project.
“To attract quality sporting events, we must build and maintain quality sporting venues. Without question, our Administration remains committed to the renovation of the Paul E. Joseph Stadium in Frederiksted, and we anticipate its long-awaited completion within the next 12 months,” Governor Bryan said.