Governor Bryan to Announce Transition to Safer at Home Phase Tuesday

Stay at Home remains in effect through Labor Day Weekend

September 6, 2020 | 7:22 AM AST

US VIRGIN ISLANDS — Governor Albert Bryan Jr. announced Saturday that he expects to issue an executive order moving the territory to the Safer at Home phase of its COVID-19 reopening strategy on September 8. 

The governor’s executive order placing the territory in Safer-at-Home will set new guidelines to take effect on September 8 when the existing restrictions under the current Stay-at-Home order are set to expire.

Guidelines under the territory’s Safer at Home phase include:

  • Non-essential businesses open, bars remain closed, hotel reservation systems closed;
  • Indoor/Outdoor recreation facilities open, no food or drink;
  • Facial covering in all commercial entities;
  • No gathering greater than 50, facial coverings and social distancing required;
  • Nursing homes closed to visitation;
  • Beaches closed at 4PM on weekends and on Holidays;

Governor Bryan also said Saturday that he intends to allow dine-in service at restaurants under the Safer at Home phase beginning on September 8. 

However, the governor stressed that during the Safer at Home phase, restrictions on dine-in service at restaurant establishments will be reestablished. 

Those restrictions include: 

  • No serving of alcohol at bar counters;
  • No seating of more than 6 persons per table;
  • Tables must be 6 feet apart, and;
  • Patrons must wear masks at all times when not eating or drinking.

The prohibition on hotels accepting any leisure guests remains in effect until September 18. Hotels can begin accepting new leisure travel reservations when on September 12. 


8 thoughts on “Governor Bryan to Announce Transition to Safer at Home Phase Tuesday”

  1. Ophelia P Shillingford

    Please do demonstrations on how to wear masks properly Daily I meet people wearing masks that don’t cover their nose

  2. He needs to have police enforce the social distancing rules. Restaurants have stayed opened during this stay at home order namely Castaways and Cheeseburgers packed with people also people partying outside and across the street from Jiffy Mart right down the street from the police station and the police station parking lot full of police cars no one stopping the gatherings. This is why we have community and close contact spread. A police vehicle parked at the lagoon while people partying and hanging out in big groups. How can we stop the spread when the police are allowing or ignoring the problem?!

    1. Please understand, you can not stop the spread. The only path through this is to manage the infection rate so we do not overwhelm hospitals. If we do not slowly spread i fe tions, we will never be able to safely open the islands. This disease will always be with us. Let’s get through it in 2 years instead of 10 years when we’ve all lost everything.

  3. I think it would be very helpful to shopkeeper’s like myself for you to remind people to support shops in town. As a sole proprietor we are not eligible for unemployment and things have been really tough for us. A lot of shops are closing for good and when this is behind us, town will be empty for tourists….and residents coming into town for lunch.
    I think your decision to close everything down was wise and needed, but we’ll need support going forward.
    Many thanks, Jan Mitchell Larsen

  4. i believe the virgin islands would be safer if all travelers are required to take any type of covid test before boarding a plane to travel and test information is checked before departure and also double checked when arriving. this includes all tourists, business travelers, locals and government officials. its a small step to insure and protect all the residents and visitors of these beautiful virgin islands and would discourage people from traveling who dont want to be tested, wear masks etc or dont even believe covid exists from traveling to and from the us virgin islands. thank you govenor for considering this action.

  5. Dear Governor Bryan,
    The last time the you moved the Territory into the “Safer at Home” phase was on May 1, 2020. At that time we had a total of 11 Active Cases in the Territory, and our Positivity Rate for the entire month of April was around 3%. Our average number of new cases was 1 per day.

    Tomorrow, when you plan to move us back into “Safer at Home” for the second time we will have around ten times as many Active Cases as last time (105 as of today). Our Positivity Rate for the past month has been 9.7%, over 3 times higher than last time. And our average number of new cases will be around 8 per day.

    By all objective standards we are in a far more precarious state today than we were when you last lifted the “Stay at Home” order.

    The RIGHT thing to do is to stay in the current “Stay at Home” phase for a minimum of two more weeks until our lower numbers stabilize. Only then would it be safe to reopen the economy without incurring an unacceptable level of risk for Virgin Island residents. I hope I am wrong, but I believe your planned reopening will put us right back into a forced closure right before start of peak season. Let’s all be smart and stay closed during this low season, hurricane season, while so many businesses would be closed even in a normal year.

    Thank you.

  6. Exactly!!!
    Plus certain take out restaurant are serving alcohol while people/men claiming they waiting for their food…..SMH!

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