Governor Bryan Announces Nomination of Judge Harold W.L. Willocks to the Virgin Islands Supreme Court

U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS—Governor Albert Bryan Jr., during his sixth State of the Territory Address proudly announced the nomination of a distinguished jurist, the Honorable Harold W.L. Willocks, to serve as a Justice on the Virgin Islands Supreme Court. The governor’s decision comes as part of the ongoing development and enhancement of the Virgin Islands Judiciary.

Since its establishment in 2006, the Virgin Islands Supreme Court has been upheld by three exemplary justices. Governor Bryan’s nomination of Judge Willocks reflects his commitment to maintaining this tradition of judicial excellence and integrity.

“The Virgin Islands Supreme Court has been a pillar of justice and fairness. Tonight, I am honored to nominate Judge Harold W.L. Willocks, a jurist of impeccable caliber, to join this esteemed body,” said Governor Bryan.

Judge Willocks’ extensive legal experience spans over two decades, marked by notable positions such as Presiding Judge of the Superior Court, Chief Public Defender, and Assistant Attorney General. His tenure on the Superior Court for more than two terms has exemplified his commitment to upholding the law and serving the community. “Judge Willocks is a son of the soil, whose deep understanding of our community and its needs has been evident throughout his career. His elevation to the Supreme Court is not just a personal achievement but a testament to his lifelong dedication to public service,” added Governor Bryan.

Apart from his judicial responsibilities, Judge Willocks is also recognized as a published author, further showcasing his intellectual depth and understanding of legal principles. His works contribute significantly to the legal literature and discourse in the Virgin Islands.

Governor Bryan expressed his utmost confidence in Judge Willocks, describing him as a “consummate public servant” whose acumen and deliberative nature make him an ideal candidate for the role. “His appointment will undoubtedly fortify the judiciary’s role in our democracy, ensuring that justice is served with wisdom and compassion,” Governor Bryan concluded.

The nomination of Judge Willocks is a decisive step in strengthening the judicial system of the Virgin Islands and reflects the Governor’s vision of a progressive and equitable judiciary.