Governor Bryan Drops Indoor Mask Requirement, Effective Immediately

Masks are still required at all ports of entry, public, private and parochial schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and healthcare facilities; businesses have the option of continuing to require masks at their discretion.

Governor Albert Albert Bryan Jr. announces change to mask mandate during the Government House Weekly Press Briefing on March 14.

U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS — During the Government House weekly press briefing on Monday, Governor Albert Bryan Jr. dropped the indoor mask mandate – effective immediately – no longer requiring face coverings indoors with a few notable exceptions: indoor and outdoor areas at ports of entry; indoor and outdoor areas at public, private and parochial schools and at all hospitals, nursing homes, and healthcare facilities.

Although masks are no longer required to be worn at any other establishments, business owners can choose at their own discretion whether or not they want to require that customers and staff wear masks.

Two weeks ago, Governor Bryan eased the mask mandate protocol when he rescinded the requirements for mask use outdoors, except for the areas mentioned above.

While the mandate requiring masks indoors has been rescinded, Health Commissioner Justa Encarnacion and Governor Bryan both stressed that the COVID-19 pandemic is not fully over, and wearing a mask is a personal choice that still remains an effective barrier against spreading the airborne virus.

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