Governor Bryan Issues Statement on Limetree Bay Refinery Bankruptcy

U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS – Governor Albert Bryan Jr. issued the following statement Tuesday concerning Limetree Bay Refinery’s announcement that the company is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

“The news of Limetree Bay Refinery filing for bankruptcy is disheartening for the residents and families who rely on the income and employment from the refinery.

“There are many local contractors and supporting businesses who are also impacted by this decision.

“While there were some incidents during the restart process that raised concern with our local Department of Planning and Natural Resources and the Environmental Protection Agency, our administration remained hopeful that Limetree Bay Refinery would be able to rectify those issues and begin refinery operations in a manner that protected the health and safety of St. Croix residents.

“Our focus now is to ensure that whatever remains to be done in the process of bringing the refinery offline is done without incident, that the workers who are impacted are made whole, and that we secure the interests of the Government of the Virgin Islands.

“Our administration plans to work with the creditors on the potential to reopen the refinery with new investment,” Governor Bryan said.

The Bryan-Roach Administration is committed to transparency, stabilizing the economy, restoring trust in the government and ensuring that recovery projects are completed as quickly as possible. Visit

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