US Virgin Islands Embarks on a Resilient and Sustainable Energy Revolution with Historic Honeywell Partnership

U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS — Governor Albert Bryan Jr. is leading the charge towards a greener and more resilient future with an unprecedented collaboration between global technology leader Honeywell and VIElectron, a CB Loranger Company. This visionary partnership is set to transform the energy landscape of the US Virgin Islands through the deployment of cutting-edge Battery Energy Storage Solutions (BESS) across six strategically positioned solar parks. The implications are monumental, with massive cost savings and a resounding commitment to decarbonization.

Governor Bryan expressed his heartfelt gratitude to VIElectron, Honeywell, and the Economic Development Authority for their unwavering commitment to this groundbreaking initiative. For too long, Virgin Islanders have faced the burden of exorbitant power bills, often forcing them to make difficult choices between essentials like healthcare and insurance. This collaboration promises to alleviate these hardships and fortify the islands’ position as a global leader in sustainable energy.

Honeywell CEO Lucian Boldea received accolades from Governor Bryan for his dedication, including his visit to St. Thomas for the State of the Territory and the joint Government of the Virgin Islands, Water and Power Authority (WAPA), and VIElectron kickoff meeting. Governor Bryan emphasized the transformative nature of this partnership, propelling the islands into an era of sustainability while laying the foundation for energy independence and environmental responsibility.

This visionary collaboration perfectly aligns with global sustainability goals and President Joe Biden’s Renewables plan, marking a significant turning point for the Virgin Islands. The acquisition of these assets by the U.S. Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority (WAPA) underscores a commitment to a resilient, diverse, and environmentally responsible energy future.

Top 10 Reasons for the US Virgin Islands to Own Solar Assets:

1. Enhanced Portfolio Diversity: WAPA diversifies its energy portfolio, ensuring a more resilient and sustainable future.

2. Risk Mitigation: WAPA ownership guarantees coverage by WAPA and FEMA during natural disasters, eliminating uncertainties.

3. Stability and Control: WAPA maintains control of the development, regardless of developer status changes.

4. Access to Federal Funds: WAPA gains access to $320 million in federal funds upon assuming ownership.

5. Cost Efficiency: Ownership reduces costs by 64%, making power generation more economical.

6. Fixed Price Contract: VIElectron’s fixed price contract shields rate payers from fossil fuel price fluctuations, ensuring stable prices for 33% of power generation.

7. Grid-Forming Technology: Honeywell Batteries provide grid-forming capabilities, enhancing power quality, stability, and resilience.

8. Extreme Weather Resilience: VIElectron’s advanced design withstands 185 MPH winds, ensuring solar facility longevity and reliability.

9. Tourism Promotion: Environmentally responsible power generation attracts eco-conscious tourists, positioning the USVI as renewable energy pioneers.

10. AI Efficiency: Honeywell’s AI software optimizes load and generation, improving overall efficiency and reducing power costs.

Moreover, St. John is poised to lead the nation as the first state or territory to be fully powered by solar energy.

The government expresses unwavering confidence in WAPA’s ability to maintain these assets and extends heartfelt gratitude to VIElectron and Honeywell for their transformative contributions. This partnership signifies a brighter, greener future for the US Virgin Islands and underscores their commitment to a sustainable and resilient energy landscape.