Virgin Islands Department of Labor Announces Significant Growth in Job Market

U.S. Virgin Islands – The Virgin Islands Department of Labor (VIDOL) proudly announces the addition of
1,000 new jobs to the local economy, marking a substantial upswing in employment opportunities and
economic growth within the Territory.

Recent job data reveals an encouraging growth rate of 2.86 percent in the job market, elevating the
average number of jobs to approximately 36,000, a significant rise from the 35,000 recorded in 2022.
This growth is predominantly seen in private businesses, with the hospitality industry leading the surge.
This indicates a robust recovery phase as the Virgin Islands continue to overcome the challenges posed
by the COVID-19 pandemic and the devastating storms of 2017.

The expansion in the hospitality sector is a testament to the resilience and enduring appeal of the Virgin Islands as a premier global destination. Most notably, the unemployment rate in the Virgin Islands stands at an impressive 3.47 percent, which is lower than the national average. This is a clear indicator of the firm and growing job market in the territory, offering ample employment opportunities to its residents.

“Despite the hurdles we have faced in recent years, including the global pandemic and the aftermath of
the 2017 storms, the Virgin Islands’ economy is demonstrating remarkable resilience and growth,”
Department of Labor Commissioner Gary Molloy said. “Our current unemployment rate of 3.47 percent is
not just a number – it represents a wide array of job opportunities for those seeking employment.
Creating 1,000 new jobs is a milestone for us, and with 41,493 people actively engaged in the workforce,
we are seeing a dynamic and flourishing economic environment.”

The VIDOL remains committed to fostering this growth and ensuring job seekers have access to the
resources and opportunities needed to succeed in the evolving job market. This milestone in job creation
and the declining unemployment rate are signals of a bright and prosperous future for the economy of the Virgin Islands.

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